Psychosocial School Study @IFRC- exp: May 29, 2009

Federation Red Cross and Red Crescent ( IFRC ) on behalf of American Red Cross Tsunami Recovery Program (TRP) had
been established to direct the organization’s response to the South Asia tsunami disaster. The TRP activities focus on
integrated community recovery and preparedness interventions in tsunami affected
countries in Asia and East Africa in
collaboration with Red Cross and non-Red Cross partners. Please visit http://www.redcross. org/tsunamirelie f

The Indonesia
TRP Delegation operates from offices in Banda Aceh, Calang, Lamno. It also has
liaison offices in Jakarta, and other areas in Aceh province in
collaboration with the Indonesian Red Cross.

We are seeking
dynamic individuals to fill the :

: Psychosocial School Study
of Hired : 1
of Assignment : Calang
of contract : Consultant

The immediate objective of
this study is to conduct an investigation of school students, teachers and
principals to follow-up on findings from the baseline survey that indicated
additional needs. Consultant(s) will collect information and impressions from
these respective groups to verify actual psychosocial needs in the schools
against those suggested by survey findings and to validate and refine planned
project interventions. The specific areas of interest as suggested by the
baseline survey are as follows…

1) Many students have visions
of what they would like to do as adults but do not see connections between
current school activities/individu al behavior and desired professional or
personal outcomes;
2) Many teachers express
interest in participatory teaching methods and several have received some
training in such methods, however, few teachers feel that they have the
necessary skills or confidence to practice such participatory methods
3) School principals are the
key individuals responsible for the successful execution of the school mission,
however, opportunities remain to build management and team-building capacity
among this highly-qualified cadre of education

I. Scope of

In implementing this study,
consultant(s) will…

1) Meet with project leadership
from ARC and PMI in Banda Aceh to gather background information and to conduct
detailed planning of field work;
2) Travel to Aceh Jaya and
receive briefing from ARC and PMI staff stationed
3) Visit selected schools in
Calang, Lamno, and Sampoinet PMI catchment areas and speak with students,
teachers, and administrators at each site;
4) Based on information
collected from field visits, secondary data from the baseline survey report, and
information provided by project staff, determine if the key areas of concern are
valid and identify any other critical psychosocial needs not previously
5) Compare planned
interventions against observations from field visits to assess interventions in
terms of feasibility, suitability, and relevance;
6) If appropriate, suggest
alternative interventions to address previously identified issues or previously
unrecognized needs arising from field work;
7) Develop detailed plans and
methodologies for interventions to address issues facing the school
8) Verify detailed intervention
plans and methodologies with selected schools to determine interest and
9) Prepare a brief written
report (in both Bahasa Indonesia and English) summarizing study process, field
methods employed, findings, consultant(s)’ assessment of planned interventions,
and recommendations for alternate interventions if

· Formal background in
education or educational psychology required, masters degree
· Demonstrated experience in
conducting individual and group interviews and/or needs assessments
· Demonstrated ability to
analyze and synthesize reasonably large amounts of information to produce clear
and meaningful assessments and actionable recommendations
· Demonstrated capacity to
critically evaluate project plans and to make sound evidence-based programming
recommendations required;
· Demonstrated capacity to
work both independently and as part of a team,
· Strong interpersonal skills
· Excellent written and spoken
Bahasa Indonesia required, knowledge of spoken Bahasa Aceh
· Excellent written and spoken
English required.

II. Application

Interested firms or
individuals should send the following materials:

· A brief description of your
firm or institution (for applicants other than individual
contractors) ;
· Curricula Vitae (CV) for all
members of the team applying for consideration;
Two (2) professional

Please submit your
application and curriculum vitae to hr@amredcross. org put Job
title in Subject line. Only applications in English and short listed candidates
will be notified. Applications submitted after May 29, 2009 will not be considered. Female
candidates are encouraged to apply


Perihal ratihparamyta
No words can describe :))

One Response to Psychosocial School Study @IFRC- exp: May 29, 2009

  1. pitaxxx says:

    wah..bnyak vocab yg psikologi bgt
    salam kenal ^^
    kunjungan balik sangat diharapkan

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