IT Technical Support Assistant / Asisten Pelaksana TI (AIT), BANK INDONESIA – Exp: 10 JUNI 2009

IT Technical Support Assistant / Asisten Pelaksana TI (AIT)
Position Requirements

* Indonesian Citizen
* Minimum D3 Computer Engineering/ Computer Science/ Information Engineering/ Information System/ Information Management/ Polytechnic (other major related to computer/information) from reputable universities
* GPA min 2,75
* Good communication in English both oral and written
* Excellent physical and mental conditions
* Good personality
* Highly motivated and able to work underpressure in a team with tight deadline and minimum supervision

* Mastering in hardware (PC and Note Book), network (LAN) and Operation System (Windows XP/VISTA)
* Good understanding in software PC/Note Book and/or Server
* Good understanding in IT Security (Update Patch and Anti Virus, Firewall, Domain, Sharing file/printer, setup LAN, Password, in PC/Note Book)
* Having knowledge in various kind of computer virus and Anti Virus
* Having knowledge in various kind of licensed software and open source
* Minimum 2 years experience in operation system Windows XP/VISTA in PC and/or Windows server

Min. Qualification : Diploma 3
Age : Max 31 years old
Gender : Any
Min. Year(s) Exp : 2
Salary : N/A
Job Location : Jakarta
Job Type : Full Time


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Perihal ratihparamyta
Hmmm...people said that i've vicious/anger face but if u know me, i'm type of friendly person,lil bit crazy and sensitive person..that's me...I like everything about technology coz my educational background is in IT...hmm...actually i like listening music, watching movies, browsing internet, make some comment @friend's facebook status also wrote some unsignificant words, but for me it's quite interesting. Others i like to breath, laugh and smile...whatever u are, if u want to know me..just call me ratih...ok (^_')

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