We are glad to inform you that Garuda Indonesia Flight Attendants Recruitment is being extended until the positions are fully filled. Applicants who have previously applied need not to re-apply but are welcome to submit additional data to support previously submitted application.

For more info please contact Garuda Indonesia Branch Office:

Surabaya (SUB) : 031-5468501 – Mr. Ihwan

Padang (PDG): 0751-30737, 30172 – Mrs. Yurni

Solo (SOC): 0271-7650475 – Mr. Alfari/Agung

Semarang (SRG): 024-8454737 – Mr. Gatot/Parlan

Jogyakarta (JOG): 0274-558470 – Mr. Pratitis

Bandung (BDO): 022-4209468 – Mr. Yusuf

Banda Aceh (BTJ): 0651-33666 – Mr. Faisal

Jakarta (JKT): 021-55915654 – Mrs. Magiring

Medan (MES): 061-4556777 Ext.5126 – Mr. Agus Salim

Balikpapan (BPN): 0542-422300 – Mr. Sumedi

Banjarmasin (BDJ): 0511-3366787 – Mr.Warih

Palembang (PLM): 0711-315333 – Mr. Farial/Suparjo

Manado (MDC): 0431-877707 – Mr. Jefri

Makassar (UPG): 0411-320312 – Mr. Rudi/Dian

Denpasar (DPS) : 0361-233711 – Mr. Ngakan

Refer to Garuda Indonesia Recruitment

Application can also be sent to recruitment@garuda-indonesia.com or for each Branch Office (BO) can be sent to recruitment.XXX@garuda-indonesia.com
(XXX is 3 letter code for each BO eq. for BO Medan (MES), recruitment.mes@garuda-indonesia.com)

Recruitment Team


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