City Program Analyst, Jakarta

Terms of Reference
City Program Analyst, Jakarta

President Clinton launched the Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI) in August 2006 to make a difference in the fight against climate change in practical, measurable and significant ways. CCI works in three strategic focus areas based on where it believes it can have maximum impact: cities, clean energy, and forestry. CCI takes a holistic approach, addressing the major sources of greenhouse gas emissions and the people, policies, and practices that impact them.

Cities occupy two percent of the world’s land mass yet contribute more than two thirds of global greenhouse gas emissions. For this reason, cities can play a key leadership role in catalyzing global action to address climate change. In addition to being more nimble and willing to take risks than larger government bodies, cities have more direct access to their citizens and local businesses, schools and institutions, and therefore, the effects of new policies are immediate and meaningful. Working with a network of cities is an effective way of significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions and providing models that national governments can adopt.

CCI’s Cities Program partners with some of the world’s largest cities to reduce their carbon emissions. The Cities Program serves as the implementing partner of the “C40,” an association of 40 of the world’s largest cities that have pledged to accelerate their efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Under the leadership of the partner cities, and in collaboration with private sector actors, the Cities Program assists in developing and implementing large-scale projects that directly result in substantial greenhouse gas emissions reductions. These include projects to improve the energy efficiency of buildings, create advanced waste management systems, deploy low-carbon vehicles and fuels, and generate clean energy.  Whenever possible, we aim to prove that action to improve the environment can also generate financial savings, grow markets for new products and services, and create job opportunities. We are also expanding the benefits of our
programs to additional cities associations and partners.

The Jakarta City Program works closely with Jakarta’s regional government (PEMDA DKI Jakarta), its associated agencies (namely Dinas Kebersihan, BPLHD, Kantor Tata Bangunan dan Gedung Pemda[1]), as well as private building owners and operators to identify, develop and implement projects that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

[1] The Sanitation Agency, Regional Environment Management Board and Government’s Buildings Management Office.

The City Program Analyst will report to the City Director and is responsible for:
* Researching and updating information on local environmental policy, the energy sector, the property market, and major municipal projects pertaining to climate change adaptation and mitigation
* Gathering information on greenhouse gas reduction initiatives undertaken in other countries and municipalities and by actors in the private and non-profit sectors
* Translating and summarizing reports, presentations and communications from our partnering Pemda agencies
* Working with the City Director to track and enhance public and private sector energy efficiency projects
* Working with a senior waste expert to coordinate with the Dinas Kebersihan on waste and waste water projects
* Coordinating meetings with private property owners, financial institutions, NGOs and other partners
* Participating in all programs that are ongoing in the Jakarta City Program.
Qualifications: The City Program Analyst would ideally have all or many of the following:
* Fluency in Bahasa Indonesia and English
* A relevant professional qualification (minimum Bachelor level, Masters level preferred) in Business, Economics, City Planning, Engineering or Environmental Studies
* A minimum of one year of relevant project experience
* Interest in and knowledge of municipal infrastructure, environmental policy, and/or the energy sector is desirable
* Strong work ethic and flexibility
* Ability to work independently and in close collaboration with a team
* Excellent research, analysis, and quantitative skills
* Demonstrated communications skills and the ability to manage within sensitive political and cultural contexts in a diplomatic and collaborative manner
* Experience in a demanding, results-oriented environment

Please send your detailed Curriculum Vitae and Contact information with 2-3 references to hr.cfindo@gmail. com with the position title in the subject line.


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