The Canadian Red Cross (CRC) is in the final stages of implementing a major
community-based reconstruction and rehabilitation program with the primary
focus on shelter construction project in Aceh Besar, Lamno and Calang for
beneficiaries affected by Tsunami of December 26, 2004. There is ongoing
work related to the defects and liability period and construction associated
activities for Lamno and Calang. The Canadian Red Cross Society (CRC)
entered into an agreement with Islamic Relief Worldwide (IR) pertaining to
the construction of CRC Livelihood Community Centers in eighteen (18)
locations in Aceh Besar and Aceh Jaya. Following a quality audit by IR, a
need has been identified for ongoing monitoring of the remediation works as
recommended by a recent quality audit (QA).

Related to this, CRC is looking for qualified and committed candidates to
fill the following consultant position:

Operation Assistant

Base Lamno

Summary of Objectives

Administration and HR

* Supervises and manages cleaner.

* Keeps contact with house and office owners, collects from them and
pays electricity, phone and water bills and maintenance as needed (including
if IT goes down or issues with Telkomsel)

* Ensures that house and office space are kept clean and maintained

* Purchases stationary for the office

* facilitate mail to and from Jakarta

* Prepare and report the minute of meeting for staff meeting

* Help arrange accommodation and transportation for visitors or if
staff travel (if they travel to Jakarta flights and accommodation can be
arranged by Jakarta Admin).

* Work with HR/Admin in Jakarta to ensure all paperwork is completed
(PA’s for staff, overtime, leave requests and R&R).

* Supporting final archiving and reporting


* Manage petty cash, make payments as necessary and complete
liquidation as needed

* Records and files invoices, receipts, and other financial documents

* Implements and ensures respect of financial procedures and


* To follow Canadian Red Cross and IFRC standard procurement
practices keeping records to full audit trail standard. Ensure PO’s are
filled out and signed and proper procedures are followed.

* To ensure that selection, registration and management of suppliers
is accurate .

* To ensure a good receiving process including inspection on delivery
and that the good receiving note is signed by concerned parties

* To manage and keep good levels of inventory for assets needed for
the office and houses, and to conduct assets disposal according to the Asset
disposal policy. Stock management (secure storage of goods).

* To provide support to the management of fleet as required including
ensuring the monitoring of fuel/oil consumption by vehicle, advising on
preventive maintenance and correct vehicle usage procedure and ensuring car
movement is following security regulations

* To produce regular, timely and accurate narrative and financial
reports for Canadian Red Cross, including procurement, transportation,
stock, assets and inventory reports.

General Duties

1. Apply the security rules at all times

2. Respects and observes the staff regulations of the CRC in Indonesia

3. Respects and observes the code of conduct of the CRC in Indonesia

4. The employee may be asked to perform duties and task not covered in
this job description as well as to provide support to other departments when

Minimum required knowledge & experience

* 3 (three) years of experience in related field;

* Diploma 3 of education level in related subject;

* Functional level of English language skill;

* Self-supporting in computers (Word & Excel).

Please Notice: Applications should be sent to recruitment. id@redcross. ca
quoting Monitoring consultant as the subject of the e-mail. The attachment
should not exceed 200 Kb. Only candidate meeting the Essential
Qualifications will be considered. Applications must be received by 3 Feb,
2009 Canadian Red Cross gives an equal-opportunity employment regardless of
race, gender, religion, or political affiliations.


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