Proud Being a Woman

Hi Everyone,

I was li’l bit shock when someone ask me about my life, he had such a great opinion. It makes me think and really want to write down into a story so I can share with whatever who you are.

Well,it began with the question : “How’s your life?”. Simple answear :”Good, everything is good, nice husband, nice job,nice environment”. I never thought that my simple answear made his bended the brows. I continued my words by questioning “why? Something weird for you?”. Surprised I’ve got this answear : “god, you are still young, you already married? You looks like a kid”. Then I just laughed but still keep on thinking with his words.

Actually I don’t mind if someone else called me “kid/kiddo/girls and etc”. But what make me feels weird is you don’t have bended your brow. Everyone have their own life. They’re surrounded by so many things, different in each of them. Different culture, different habit, different social status and etc. And there I am. In mine, marriage in young age is recommended moreover being admissible. If you are a girl and already reach your 20th or above, I can guarantee your parents, either your mom or dad will always push you to have a boyfriend and if you already have the one, then they will push you to get married. I though he laughed me about that, but no, he laughed something else. He laughed that i only have simple description about being a wife.

I really thouching with his words. Started with question : what is marriage, simply answear came out from my mouth. Marriage is you are allow to live together. He just laughed with his mocking smile. Then he said, when you married with someone, everyday you will see his/her beside you. Both of you will be have children. Take care of your children. And when they are growing up, they will married and you became grandparent. You getting old and someday you will die. So, what is the point of married based on that case? I’m just smile because because don’t know what ive to said instead smilling on his words.”I don’t know, yes that after married life, maybe the point is you will always someone beside you” I told him proudly. ‘You’re not married right? Or not yet? I can’t see a future in your eyes. Work, meeting meet someone and back to your papper work. Is that your future? I would rather leave all those kind of thing inside my office corner, and became someone else when at home.Then he said : Even I’m not married yet, I can tell you that being a housewife is kindda hard. You will have ekstra figure inside or outside home. Before have children, you will have only one position, as a wife. A wife doesn’t only a wife. I f you have a job, then you will have another or I will called with ekstra job that you have to do. Morning as a employee, and night as a wife. At morning you serve your company and at night you serve your husband. Being a house wife is like working 26 hours per day. Wake up in the morning, makes breakfast, going to office, back home,you still have to prepare your dinner instead lying in your bed directly after going back home. During your dinner time, you need to act as a good listener. Listening your husband’s office problem and others. Make him feels comfortable and homy as well. As a wife, even you have less time to rest, you still have to smile and being warmer for your home. It’s priceless. Wife touch literally need in a house. When you have children, then you will have two position in your life, three if you have a job. First as a wife, second as a mother and third as an employee. Ekstra job absolutely following you. Wake up in the moring, serve ekstra breakfast, one for your husband, second for your child and last for you. You need to carry your child into their school before you going to your office. At office, you have to work hard, dealing with papper work and meeting. Get some push from your boss. Then pick up your child after scholl over and back to your office. At night after going back home, you still need to make ekstra dinner for your family member. During dinner time, even you got so many stress in your head, you still have to smile and give your family a nice warmly smile.

God, I just completely dazed hearing what he said. Totally complex as a wife. But I still confident to going ahead to get my married life. I said to him : So…what do you think, can I do it? Do everything that sound so hard like you said? He just smile hearing my question. There is a worry inside my voice. “Don’t ever feels afraid girl, you can…Every women can do that. That’s why god create woman. A multitasking human. Completing other human (man) and creating another human (child). You have to be proud of yourself as a woman. The one who always work 26 hours per day. Without paying by ekstra money. Without complain. Please go ahead with your live. You must be brave.”

We close the conversation. I never thought being a women will be so hardly to imagine. I know it will be hard. But I would rather just facing whatever will be came to us than imagine how hard it is. But it’s really a great description about women. We must e proud being a women. And more proud if you are married. Never complain with your position moreover jealous with a man because that’s the reason why god cerated us (women). Keep our nature of woman. World -> home -> room, need women touch. Smille women, you deserve to have that smile J.


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No words can describe :))

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