United Nations Volunteer – Network and Outreach Coordinator




Location : Yogyakarta,, INDONESIA
Application Deadline : 04-Jan-11
Type of Contract : UNV
Post Level : UNV
Languages Required :
Duration of Initial Contract : A 12-month contract which is extendable depending

on satisfactory performance and availability of funds

The United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme is the UN organization that
promotes volunteerism to support peace and development worldwide. Volunteerism
can transform the pace and nature of development and it benefits both society at

large and the individual volunteer. UNV contributes to peace and development by
advocating for volunteerism globally, encouraging partners to integrate
volunteerism into development programming, and mobilizing volunteers.
In most cultures volunteerism is deeply embedded in long-established, ancient
traditions of sharing and support within the communities. In this context, UNV
volunteers take part in various forms of volunteerism and play a role in
development and peace together with co-workers, host agencies and local
In all assignments, UNV volunteers promote volunteerism through their action and

conduct. Engaging in volunteer activity can effectively and positively enrich
their understanding of local and social realities, as well as create a bridge
between themselves and the people in their host community. This will make the
time they spend as UNV volunteers even more rewarding and productive.

Project Title: Strengthening capacity of New Men?s (Laki-laki Baru) Alliance for

violence prevention and supporting its social media campaign

Brief Project Description:

Partners for Prevention (P4P) is a joint UNDP, UNFPA, UNIFEM and UN Volunteers
regional support programme for Asia and the Pacific. Through an integrated
approach of enhanced knowledge, skills and regional partnerships, P4P supports
primary prevention in Asia and the Pacific as a contribution to the long-term
improvement of human rights, dignity, peace and development for all. P4P?s
specific goal is the primary prevention of violence against women (VAW) or
stopping violence before it starts. The programme?s strategy includes working
with boys and men to change the root causes that allow for violence against
women to persist across all societies. Thus the outcome this programme will
contribute to is an increase in the number of boys and men who support ending
violence against women. Partners for Prevention is situated at the regional
level, meaning that it supports cross-border learning and adaptation of
promising practices, consortiums of practitioners engaged in collective action
at the regional level, regional analysis of the root causes of violence against
women, and consolidates innovations from the local level to the global levels.

Being situated at the regional level, it serves to connect local interventions
with global expertise, and helps to inspire enhancements across the region. As a

part of these regional activities, P4P works with partners on the ground in
approximately 10 countries and Indonesia is one of these countries with partners

in Aceh and Yogjakarta.
Laki-laki Baru (LLB) is the national network working on strengthening men and
boys? contributions to ending gender-based violence (GBV) and enhancing gender
equality. LLB is now conducting several activities including consolidating the
network, improving capacities and skills of its members, and building public
awareness through social media campaign. LLB will facilitate the formulation of
the network?s ground principles and workplan through serial activities involving

both its core members and other women?s rights and social activists. LLB will
also carry out activities aiming to strengthening the capacity and skills to
support the initiative of working with men and boys in GBV prevention; the
activities include the formulation of a curriculum, trainings, seminars, and
periodical discussion forums. Furthermore, in raising public awareness on the
initiative of working with men and boys in ending GBV, LLB will conduct several
activities using social media including Facebook, Twitter, blogs, photo contest,

and other activities with youth.
Host Agency/Host Institute:?
P4P (requesting organization); LLB (hosting organization; duty station at Rifka
Annissa office in Yogyakarta)

Organizational Context
The Partners for Prevention Team, representing the participating organisations
and located in Bangkok, provides consolidated responses and support for
gender-based violence prevention. The Team also provides technical and
substantive support to key partners including LLB.
LLB was formally founded in 2009 after several intensive discussions among
women?s rights activists on how to consolidate men and boy?s contributions to
ending GBV and enhancing gender equality. LLB is a network which involves
women?s organizations and is open for individuals activists who have common
ideas on the importance of strengthening men?s and boys? participation as a key
strategy in GBV prevention and elimination. Currently, LLB includes a number of
organizations such as Rifka Annisa (Yogyakarta), Jurnal Perempuan and Yayasan
PULIH (Jakarta), Rumah Perempuan (Kupang), Cahaya Perempuan Women?s Crisis
Center (Bengkulu) and Aceh Men?s Forum (Aceh).

Type of assignment place:
* ?Assignment with family

Duties and Responsibilities
Under the direct supervision of LLB, and indirect supervision of P4P, the UNV
volunteer will undertake the following tasks:
* Support LLB in its completion of the organized alliance with governance
documents like ground principles, strategic directions and work plan, and
managerial aspects;
* Support LLB regarding expansion of membership, and development of other
* Undertake outreach to LLB members for their active participation in
(activities on) GBV prevention;
* Support the LLB and its partners in Indonesia with the social media
* Identify and support implementation of supportive promotional and
communication activities on GBV prevention programmes regarding the social media

campaign and beyond;
* Support the LLB in its representation in and contribution to the Southeast

and East Asia regional community on capacity and curriculum development
initiatives, and its communication to the alliance members on the initiatives;
* Convene LLB meetings ? prepare and circulate meeting notes;
* Attend other meetings and provide feedback to the LLB members about them;
* Contribute to the Engagingmen.net web portal (www.engagingmen.net), and
undertake outreach to LLB members and potential volunteers in Yogyakarta and
beyond (in Indonesia) to utilize the web portal for communications, networking
and exchange of ideas;
* Moderate and/or contribute to forum/blog discussions on the
Engagingmen.net web portal on behalf of LLB;
* Facilitate networking among (UNV) volunteers working on the prevention of
GBV and give peer support to the national UNV volunteer under the P4P programme

Aceh, Indonesia;
* ?Identify and document the contribution of volunteerism in GBV prevention
in Indonesia;
* Any other duties required by the LLB and P4P.

Furthermore, UNV volunteers are encouraged to:
??Strengthen their knowledge and understanding of the concept of volunteerism by

reading relevant UNV and external publications and take active part in UNV
activities (for instance in events that mark IVD);
??Be acquainted with and build on traditional and/or local forms of volunteerism

in the host country;
??Reflect on the type and quality of voluntary action that they are undertaking,

including participation in ongoing reflection activities;
??Contribute articles/write-ups on field experiences and submit them for UNV
publications/websites, newsletters, press releases, etc.;
??Assist with the UNV Buddy Programme for newly-arrived UNV volunteers;
??Promote or advise local groups in the use of online volunteering, or encourage

relevant local individuals and organizations to use the UNV Online Volunteering
service whenever technically possible.
Results/Expected Output:
* Strengthened networking of the LLB, and increased membership and
* Created a vibrant network of the LLB members and volunteers that work on
GBV prevention;
* Provided support to successful social media campaign activities of the LLB

and P4P partners in Indonesia;
* Implemented promotional and communication activities on GBV prevention;
* Reported on the LLB meetings and interventions with boys and men on GBV
prevention in the community;
* Reported on other meetings to the LLB members;
* Contributed to Engagingmen.net web portal (www.engagingmen.net) by
providing resources and inputs to forum discussions and blogs;
* Documented the role and involvement of volunteerism in the implementation
of GBV prevention programmes in Indonesia;
* A final statement of achievements towards volunteerism for development
during your assignment such as specific quantification of mobilized volunteers,
activities, capacities.

Required Skills and Experience
* University degree in social sciences or equivalent;
* Minimum age: 25 years old
* English and Bahasa Indonesia;
* Knowledge and understanding on basic gender and women?s rights issues;
* Experience of working on gender and women?s rights issues;
* Knowledge and understanding of social media;
* Background in campaigning/communications would be desirable;
* Capacity of writing report in English and Bahasa Indonesia;
* Computer literate (standard Microsoft Office tools, familiar with
* Active engagement in community;
* Good communication, networking and interpersonal skills;
* Experience: 1-2 years in the above-mentioned areas.
Conditions of Service
* A 12-month contract which is extendable depending on satisfactory
performance and availability of funds; monthly volunteer living allowance (VLA)
intended to

cover housing, basic needs and utilities, equivalent to IDR4,000,000;
settling-in-grant (if applicable); life, health, and permanent disability
insurance; return airfares (if applicable); resettlement allowance for
satisfactory service.


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